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Hatching Eggs & Chicks

Here at Uncle Bill's Farms, we breed only the best quality poultry for you!  

Hatching Eggs For Your Incubator
We sell fertilized eggs of the birds we breed by the dozen.  If you are interested in purchasing eggs, please email us for what breeds are currently available and prices. 
Because we have no control over how eggs are handled once they leave our hands, we make no guarantees regarding hatch rates. We do not issue refunds for eggs.  By ordering eggs, you are agreeing to our policies regarding hatching eggs.  
We only ship when weather conditions provide for safe transport through the USPS.  We don't ship during excessive temperatures.  Pickup is available by appointment.  Feel free to email us to see what breeds are currently available as well as prices.  


Uncle Bill's Farm 
Grinnell, Iowa

You can contact us by emailing:

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